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    Thinking Spiritually is a collection of Biblical sermons and teachings that deal with a wide variety of subjects. There is something in this collection for everyone! Each topic is intended to clarify the Bible's teaching and apply the key concepts to practical, everyday life. You will discover who Jesus is and why He is still relevant in this day and age.

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    No More Hunger
    A besieged city, a starving population, a hopeless situation. Outside the city four lepers discover the Divine miracle that will save the city's inhabitants from starvation. All it took was for the four untouchables to make the surrender!

    The Power of Grace
    Judgmental attitudes and actions never lead to heartfelt change and transformation in those who are on the receiving end. Grace, on the other hand, is a potent life transformer. Are you an agent of judgment or of grace? What impact do you have on those who have fallen? In dealing with others, do you tend to be someone who comes alongside or down-on-top-of those who are in the wrong?

    Silencing the Voice of God
    How do we treat the prophetic messages that God has given to us? When Jesus stood before the Jewish leaders on the night of His crucifixion, He answered them not a word. When He was arraigned before Herod, Jesus refused to answer Herod's questions. Yet, when he appeared before Pilate, He dialogued openly about His identity and mission. Why did Jesus relate so differently to these various parties? What does this difference reveal regarding the importance of heeding the prophetic revelations that God has seen fit to give to the world?

    Overcoming the Devil
    All around us rages a great controversy between Christ & Satan. You and I are unavoidably embroiled in this titanic spiritual struggle. But where did it begin? Who will ultimately be victorious? How can we ensure that we personally come out on the side of the winner?

    Loyalty in the Final Crisis
    While most Christians are eagerly looking forward to the return of Jesus at some undisclosed date in the near future, two lesser known dates in religious history are 1844 and 1888. During this time period God revived an amazing message that may well have ushered in the coming of Jesus, had it been received and practiced. Unfortunately, it was rejected for the most part. Yet today, God's spirit is stirring once again. History is fast fulfilling the predictions of Revelation 13's end-time scenario. The stage is being set for one more climactic battle between Truth and error. To whom will you render allegiance?

    Overthrowing the Tyrants
    What drives our broken, sinful behaviours? We may claim to know and love the true God. But is He on the throne of our hearts? If not, if some other god rules us on a functional level, we will find ourselves powerless to break our sinful cycles of brokenness - no matter how much we pray about that particular behaviour. It's time to Overthrow the Tyrants!

    Anger that Works
    Have you ever been angry? Of course, who hasn't been, right?! How do you express your anger? What drives your anger? Is all anger wrong? The Bible has a lot to say about anger. In fact, upon closer examination you may discover that anger is a revelation of who rules your heart. It is a revelation of our moral compass. Getting to the bottom of what angers us enables an intelligent repentance toward God. So what does your anger reveal about your heart orientation?

    Heart Ethics of the Kingdom
    They all thought they knew what the kingdom of God was about. But Jesus brought news that would radically challenge everything they thought they knew. He revealed the Kingdom of God as the 'upside down kingdom'; a kingdom with radically different heart ethics to the kingdoms of this world.

    If God is For Us...
    It's difficult not to be overwhelmed when you try to face life's difficulties alone. But when you realise the extraordinary lengths that God has gone to in order to make sure that you will never be without His presence, your focus will shift from the largeness of your challenges to the goodness and the greatness of the Saviour! Looking at life through the lens of the cross puts even the greatest difficulties in a new perspective.