Under the Radar: Socially Acceptable Drugs (Part 4) - Alcohol in the Bible

Whenever one seeks to speak about the dangers of alcohol, there is bound to be someone in the crowd who raises the question as to whether the use of alcohol is permitted in Scripture. After all, didn’t Jesus turn the water into wine when he attended the wedding at Cana? Can Christians really take a strong stand against the use of alcohol if the Bible doesn’t teach total abstinence? Some churches will even use alcoholic wine when conducting the communion service. How sad to think that some soul may taste alcohol for the first time in church! Worse yet, how sad to think that some alcoholic may have begun his journey into addiction while sitting around the communion table.

Under the Radar: Socially Acceptable Drugs (Part 3) - Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most popular socially acceptable drugs. It’s another one of those drugs which have managed to fly in under society’s moral radar. Despite the incredible annual death rate directly and indirectly attributable to alcohol consumption, there are still many who believe that the key to winning the battle against the ravages of alcohol consumption is not total abstinence but moderate drinking. As someone once said, “moderate drinking is the school in which the drunkard is prepared for his career.”