Confrontation: Intervention Principles

It is never easy to accept the disturbing news that someone dear to you has succumbed to some form of hurtful addiction. But what should one do once this sad fact is confirmed? How should the matter be approached? Is ignoring the situation an option? Will it simply ‘blow over’? What are the principles of intervention that will ensure the greatest possibility of a positive and constructive outcome?

Victory Assured (Part 2): Escape Class 101

Continuing where part 1 of Victory Assured ended off, Ps Adrian Webster outlines a number of easy-to-understand principles that will be of practical value to anyone seeking to escape from and remain clear of substance abuse.  These essential aspects were learned from personal experience and have played a major role in ensuring that Ps Adrian has remained free from the world of substance abuse, by the grace of God, for the past 12 years.  Be sure to watch this episode with a pen and paper close at hand.