Freedom Day: A Time for Divine Healing

Perhaps the most important aspect in finding true healing from addiction is quality time with the Creator God from whom flows all power for moral regeneration. Yet, at the same time, perhaps the greatest curse of the twenty-first century is its rapid-paced life which so often prevents a person from allocating the time needed to get connected with God on a meaningful level. The good news is that God has declared a Freedom Day for human beings in an effort to ensure that we get the needed quality time with Him that will bring us power and lasting victory.

Keys to Success: Promises You Can Count On

Does the Bible contain any divine promises and principles that will be of assistance to a person struggling to overcome addiction? Absolutely YES! In fact, you may just be surprised at how relevant the Bible is to those who are seeking the keys to success in their fight against addiction.

Healing Factors: The Spiritual Component

Why is spirituality included as an important aspect of the healing process? Isn’t it enough to simply encourage healthy relationships, good lifestyle practices and include some natural remedies to help cleanse the physical body system? Human beings are made up of at least five components which all need to be addressed and held in balance with one another: intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual. Those who have the greatest long-term success in overcoming addiction are those who find a heartfelt spiritual connection with God.

Living Free: Restoration & Healing

It is too often the case that people outsource their health and physical well-being to healthcare professionals. Yet, the truth is that there are so many daily decisions that are within every individual’s power to make that will greatly enhance quality of life and assist with the healing process. Simple things such as choosing optimal nutrition, obtaining daily exercise, drinking enough water as well as the use of simple natural remedies will all help to ensure that the body detoxifies itself efficiently and returns to a place of natural balance and healthy equilibrium.

Under the Radar: Socially Acceptable Drugs (Part 4) - Alcohol in the Bible

Whenever one seeks to speak about the dangers of alcohol, there is bound to be someone in the crowd who raises the question as to whether the use of alcohol is permitted in Scripture. After all, didn’t Jesus turn the water into wine when he attended the wedding at Cana? Can Christians really take a strong stand against the use of alcohol if the Bible doesn’t teach total abstinence? Some churches will even use alcoholic wine when conducting the communion service. How sad to think that some soul may taste alcohol for the first time in church! Worse yet, how sad to think that some alcoholic may have begun his journey into addiction while sitting around the communion table.

A Rave of a Time? Or an Act of Worship?

What is the Rave Culture really all about?  Is it just an innocent feel-good party scene?  Or is there an underlying spiritual intention that motivates these popular events?  Many young people participate in the rave scene, attracted at face value by the ideals of peace, love unity and respect (P.L.U.R).  Indeed these are great ideals to aspire to.  In this candid presentation the true spirit that underlies the rave scene is revealed.  If you’re not ready to have your world rocked, then don’t watch this episode in the Beyond Addiction series!!