thought patterns

Shaping Who We Are: The Consequences of Thought

Have you ever noticed that the longer you engage in a certain pattern of behavior the harder it becomes to break off that behavior. The reason for this is that over time the brain trains certain neural pathways that enable automatic performance of often repeated behaviors or thoughts. This is an important neurobiological principle to understand as a person seeks to break off the old habits of addiction and replace them with new healthy habits. With a little bit of persistent training, the brain will ‘rewire’ itself to encourage healthy function and freedom from habits of addiction.

Healing Factors: The Spiritual Component

Why is spirituality included as an important aspect of the healing process? Isn’t it enough to simply encourage healthy relationships, good lifestyle practices and include some natural remedies to help cleanse the physical body system? Human beings are made up of at least five components which all need to be addressed and held in balance with one another: intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual. Those who have the greatest long-term success in overcoming addiction are those who find a heartfelt spiritual connection with God.