understanding addiction

Chain Reaction: Understanding Addiction (Part 2) - The Addicted Brain

Once one has an understanding of how the brain operates under normal healthy conditions, it is much easier to understand how the brain’s function is altered by the ingestion of various substances. The change in neurotransmitter balance between the drug induced highs and lows is what leads to damage of the neuronal system and creates the neurobiological situation experienced as addiction.

Chain Reaction: Understanding Addiction (Part 1) - The Healthy Brain

Have you ever wondered what happens inside the brain to provide the experience consciousness, thought, feeling and pleasure? The brain is an intricate and delicate network of nerves (neurons) which carry electrical signals and release chemical communicators known as neurotransmitters. The healthy brain depends on the various neurotransmitters maintaining a fine balance. By taking certain drugs this balance is upset, which accounts for the altered brain function and change in thought patterns so often associated with drug abuse.