Comfort in Brokenness (Part 2): The Promise of God's Presence

Psalm 23 is probably one of the most well known passages in all of the Bible. It illustrates the type of relationship that God longs to have with each of us by using the metaphor of a shepherd that cares for his sheep. It matters not whether the going is easy or whether the valley of the shadow of death looms overhead. The Good Shepherd is always present and always has a plan to keep us close to Him. The promise of God is that He will provide for our every need in every circumstance.

Comfort in Brokenness (Part 1): The Heavenly Healer

While relationships were intended to bring great joy, they can also inflict great pain and deep wounds when they go wrong. Whether it’s betrayal, loss of confidence, or death itself, every single human being will, at some point, know the bitter experience of relational brokenness. In an effort to minimize the pain, some people will build walls around themselves by preventing any deep and committed relational experiences with other people. Yet, in so doing, much of life’s meaning and purpose is lost as well. The good news is that there is one relationship that can truly deliver lasting joy and meaning. God has promised a forever friendship that will not only bring contentment and peace, but will also provide healing from past hurts and disappointments that have resulted from broken earthly relationships.