Confidence in Financial Uncertainty (Part 2): Learning to Trust

There is great comfort and assurance in the realization that our Heavenly Father is the Owner of everything. He is not strapped for resources or means. As He deems best and in His time He will ensure that those who make Him their Trust and their Provider will have every single one of their needs amply supplied by His grace and generosity. If Jesus was willing to offer up His life as a sacrifice to obtain our forgiveness and eternal life, how much more will He not also supply our daily, physical needs?

Confidence in Financial Uncertainty (Part 1): Promises & Warnings

Recent times have brought a sober reminder that trusting in financial riches is sure to bring only disappointment. The global financial crisis of 2008 / 2009 ended the previous years of speculative financial boom and ushered in a period of financial gloom which saw the collapse of the stock market, property market and even long-standing, reputable financial institutions and banks. Many people lost everything they had saved and had hoped to retire on someday. Is there any hope or any help that the Scriptures can offer to the person who has no financial security? Is God able and willing to get involved in one’s personal financial situation? When every human financial system has failed, is God still able to provide for the needs of His children? The resounding and unequivocal answer in Scripture is YES! God has a thousand ways to provide for the needs of His children of which they know nothing!