Confidence in Financial Uncertainty (Part 2): Learning to Trust

There is great comfort and assurance in the realization that our Heavenly Father is the Owner of everything. He is not strapped for resources or means. As He deems best and in His time He will ensure that those who make Him their Trust and their Provider will have every single one of their needs amply supplied by His grace and generosity. If Jesus was willing to offer up His life as a sacrifice to obtain our forgiveness and eternal life, how much more will He not also supply our daily, physical needs?

Confidence in Financial Uncertainty (Part 1): Promises & Warnings

Recent times have brought a sober reminder that trusting in financial riches is sure to bring only disappointment. The global financial crisis of 2008 / 2009 ended the previous years of speculative financial boom and ushered in a period of financial gloom which saw the collapse of the stock market, property market and even long-standing, reputable financial institutions and banks. Many people lost everything they had saved and had hoped to retire on someday. Is there any hope or any help that the Scriptures can offer to the person who has no financial security? Is God able and willing to get involved in one’s personal financial situation? When every human financial system has failed, is God still able to provide for the needs of His children? The resounding and unequivocal answer in Scripture is YES! God has a thousand ways to provide for the needs of His children of which they know nothing!

Comfort in Brokenness (Part 2): The Promise of God's Presence

Psalm 23 is probably one of the most well known passages in all of the Bible. It illustrates the type of relationship that God longs to have with each of us by using the metaphor of a shepherd that cares for his sheep. It matters not whether the going is easy or whether the valley of the shadow of death looms overhead. The Good Shepherd is always present and always has a plan to keep us close to Him. The promise of God is that He will provide for our every need in every circumstance.

Comfort in Brokenness (Part 1): The Heavenly Healer

While relationships were intended to bring great joy, they can also inflict great pain and deep wounds when they go wrong. Whether it’s betrayal, loss of confidence, or death itself, every single human being will, at some point, know the bitter experience of relational brokenness. In an effort to minimize the pain, some people will build walls around themselves by preventing any deep and committed relational experiences with other people. Yet, in so doing, much of life’s meaning and purpose is lost as well. The good news is that there is one relationship that can truly deliver lasting joy and meaning. God has promised a forever friendship that will not only bring contentment and peace, but will also provide healing from past hurts and disappointments that have resulted from broken earthly relationships.

Onward & Upward (Part 2): The Source of Power

Romans 8 is one of the most encouraging and most powerful passages of Scripture for the person who recognizes their weakness and is seeking life changing power. All those who have received Jesus as their personal Savior are granted the gift of the Holy Spirit. Through this gift the moral weaknesses that were formerly insurmountable, can and will be overcome. True change of life is more than mere behavior modification; it is internal transformation and regeneration that overflows into new actions and a new lifestyle. This thorough internal change is only possible by the working and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Onward & Upward (Part 1): Human Weakness & Divine Aid

It may be that on a deep inner level you recognize the great need you have for moral correction. It may be that you have found yourself powerless to overcome some sort of addiction which is threatening your life and your happiness. Yet, you’ve probably also figured out that a knowledge of your great need for change does not necessary translate into power for change. Knowing and doing are two different things. But there is hope! God’s word is packed full of promises in which God pledges Himself to accomplish in your life what it is impossible for you to accomplish in your own strength. The good news is that although you may be weak, God has offered you the power of His omnipotence to overcome and rise above your inherited and cultivated moral imperfections.

Unloading the Past (Part 2): An Example of Confession

It’s one thing to know and understand that freedom from guilt and the baggage of the past comes through confession. It is an entirely different thing, though, to put the theory into practice in such a way that the freedom that comes through confession is a practical, daily reality. What does confession look like in practice? Are there any confession formulas or rules that need to be observed? Fortunately, the God who invites us to confess our sins to Him has also given us the practical model from which we can learn exactly how to go about the liberating experience of confession.

Unloading the Past (Part 1): The Assurance of Forgiveness

So many people are prevented from enjoying life to the fullest because they are carrying baggage from the past with them - whether it’s anger, resentment, an unforgiving spirit, hurt or hatred. Unresolved emotional or spiritual matters become baggage that weighs a person down as they travel the journey of life. The strange thing is that baggage attracts baggage. In other words, if one doesn’t make a point of shedding one’s accumulated emotional and spiritual baggage, the likelihood of picking up even more baggage is dramatically increased. The good news is that God’s word contains numerous promises that will enable one to shed one’s accumulated baggage. There is indeed a place of sweet release; a place where the burden of the past is rolled away.

The Value of the Human Soul (Part 2): The Cost of Redemption

The value of the human soul can best be determined by an accurate understanding of how much God was willing to pay to ensure our redemption and eternal happiness. At the cross, where Jesus experienced rejection by His Father, betrayal by His own nation, abandonment by His disciples, inestimable physical suffering and ultimately death, we see the fullest revelation of God’s love for human beings. A love that was willing to rather die the cruel death of the cross than spend eternity without you is evidence that you are of supreme value to the God who created you!

The Value of the Human Soul (Part 1): The Love of God

Everyone needs to feel special. Each person is unique and individual - like no other person in the universe. Yet this idea doesn’t always translate into a practical experience for everyone. Many people go through life wondering if they are of any value. Some even choose the option of suicide to end their seemingly pointless and mundane experience of life. All around us are voices that try to convince us that we are special and of value to the God who created us. But how do we know that this is true for sure? Has God got anything to say on this subject from His word? In this presentation you’ll be excited to discover that whatever you experience in life, you are of infinite value to God!