The Value of the Human Soul (Part 2): The Cost of Redemption

The value of the human soul can best be determined by an accurate understanding of how much God was willing to pay to ensure our redemption and eternal happiness. At the cross, where Jesus experienced rejection by His Father, betrayal by His own nation, abandonment by His disciples, inestimable physical suffering and ultimately death, we see the fullest revelation of God’s love for human beings. A love that was willing to rather die the cruel death of the cross than spend eternity without you is evidence that you are of supreme value to the God who created you!

The Value of the Human Soul (Part 1): The Love of God

Everyone needs to feel special. Each person is unique and individual - like no other person in the universe. Yet this idea doesn’t always translate into a practical experience for everyone. Many people go through life wondering if they are of any value. Some even choose the option of suicide to end their seemingly pointless and mundane experience of life. All around us are voices that try to convince us that we are special and of value to the God who created us. But how do we know that this is true for sure? Has God got anything to say on this subject from His word? In this presentation you’ll be excited to discover that whatever you experience in life, you are of infinite value to God!