Our Hope Beyond the Grave (Part 2)

What do we do when the Bible seems to contradict itself? It is not good enough to choose only those passages which seemingly support one's already established view on any given subject. If the bible is indeed inspired, there should be a definite harmony throughout its pages and teachings. Therefore, having established the fact that the vast bulk of verses dealing with the nature of humanity clearly indicate that we are not immortal in spirit, it is important that we give due consideration to those Bible texts which are often used to substantiate the idea of the immortality of the soul.

Furthermore, what are the implications of conditional immortality for the popular understanding of an eternally burning hell? Where is hell? What is the purpose for hell? How long will hell burn for? This presentation will answer these questions an numerous others.

Our Returning King of Kings

Have you ever longed for a better world? Imagine a place where there will be no more pain, suffering or death. The salvation offered through Jesus not only provides forgiveness from sin and the power of true transformation; it culminates with final redemption from this world’s environment of sin when Jesus returns as King of Kings. Nothing is more important than being ready for this great event. Preparedness for the second coming of Jesus is not something to neglect or take lightly. Upon this depends your eternal life and happiness.

Our Victorious Messiah

When one reads the four gospel accounts, which describe the last few hours of Jesus’ life as He hung upon the cross, there almost seems to be a contradiction. Yet upon closer examination a beautiful harmony will be found which illuminates the spiritual journey that Jesus undertook as humanity’s substitute. You’ll discover what humanity’s redemption cost heaven. While salvation is free to humanity, it was extremely expensive to heaven.

Our Great High Priest

In the corporate world today, it is possible to have a 3-D scale model printed of just about any architectural or engineering design prior to actual construction or manufacturing. The 3-D scale model, made of layers of glue and powder, enables the client to visually understand what the end product will look like and how it will function. Wouldn’t it be great if God gave His followers something similar to help them understand the practical aspects of His plan of salvation? The good news is that precisely such a model was given in the Old Testament - the earthly sanctuary, ceremonial laws and a human priesthood. Embedded within these practical enactments and religious practices were beautiful illustrations that can still be used as aids to faith in a New Testament era. Indeed, Jesus is our great High Priest in the Heavenly Sanctuary today. What a privilege it is to follow Him there by faith.