nature of man

Our Hope Beyond the Grave (Part 2)

What do we do when the Bible seems to contradict itself? It is not good enough to choose only those passages which seemingly support one's already established view on any given subject. If the bible is indeed inspired, there should be a definite harmony throughout its pages and teachings. Therefore, having established the fact that the vast bulk of verses dealing with the nature of humanity clearly indicate that we are not immortal in spirit, it is important that we give due consideration to those Bible texts which are often used to substantiate the idea of the immortality of the soul.

Furthermore, what are the implications of conditional immortality for the popular understanding of an eternally burning hell? Where is hell? What is the purpose for hell? How long will hell burn for? This presentation will answer these questions an numerous others.

Our Hope Beyond the Grave (Part 1)

Have you ever thought about the following questions:

If the dead don't really die, but go straight to heaven, why does the Bible describe them has having no cognitive, emotional, physical, social or spiritual facets? What's the point of a resurrection - as taught in the Bible - if the dead go straight to heaven when they die? Furthermore, if we go straight to heaven when we die, why does the Bible say that Jesus only gives out the rewards of eternal life and eternal death at his coming? How do we harmonize the idea that the wages of sin is death with the idea that death is not really dying, but simply a change in state of being - either eternal life in heaven or eternal life in hell? As long as sin and sinners exist in hell, can the plan of salvation actually accomplish its goal, in the ultimate sense, of removing all traces of sin from God's universe?

The Bible presents beautifully clear answers to these questions.

Our Immortal God

God is the only being in all of the universe who has life unborrowed, underived and original. On the other hand, all of creation receives life as a gift from God. Unfortunately, when sin entered into the human experience it brought with it the inevitable consequence of death. But why is death 'inevitable'? More importantly, what is death in its essence? In order to understand this, one must understand what happened at the creation event and how sin impacted upon God's original intention behind creation.