Our Resurrection & Life

Death will not be the victor! It is simply a brief interruption. The Bible describes the experience of death as "sleep" - a word that highlights death's temporary nature. Looking beyond the immediate sense of loss and pain, Scripture offers great consolation and hope, pointing forward to a day when Jesus' return will act as a divine alarm clock, waking the dead from their temporary sleep to an eternal morning of youthful vigor. It is no wonder that the last sentence in 1 Thessalonians 4 says, "Therefore comfort one another with these words."

Our Hope Inspiring Comfortor

Does death ever cause you to wonder about the 'goodness' of God? Have you ever wanted to blame God for your brokenness, pain or loss? If you have, this presentation is for you! Indeed, we live in world full of tragedy, disappointment, suffering and death. It's easy - almost natural - to place the blame for all this at God's doorstep. But what if there's more to the story than meets the eye? What if the final chapter of this life's tragedies has not yet been written...

Our Suffering Messiah

Have you ever asked where God is in the midst of tragedy, pain, or loss? Sometimes it’s difficult to see how there could possibly be a loving God when one is confronted with the horrific scenes of human life that play themselves out on planet Earth every day. Does God really care? If so, where is He when you’re hurting? Is God in anyway affected by this world’s sin and brokenness. The answer to these questions is absolutely YES! In this episode in the Portraits of Jesus series, Ps Adrian Webster unpacks a few Biblical passages that will reveal key concepts from the last few hours of Christ’s life as He was dying on the cross. Indeed sin, suffering, death and brokenness have all affected God in a profound, personal, first-hand manner. This amazing love and grace provide the strength to carry on despite this life’s tragedies.