Our Returning King of Kings

Have you ever longed for a better world? Imagine a place where there will be no more pain, suffering or death. The salvation offered through Jesus not only provides forgiveness from sin and the power of true transformation; it culminates with final redemption from this world’s environment of sin when Jesus returns as King of Kings. Nothing is more important than being ready for this great event. Preparedness for the second coming of Jesus is not something to neglect or take lightly. Upon this depends your eternal life and happiness.

Our Incomparable Saviour

To those who are burdened with a sense of guilt, the concept of forgiveness is certainly good news. The Bible speaks of this concept using a fancy word, ‘justification’. The Bible also speaks about the concepts of ‘grace’ and ‘faith’ as being the only basis upon which the forgiveness of God can be received. While Christians use these words and speak of these concepts often, the question might well be raised as to whether we really understand them. In ‘Our Incomparable Savior’, the testimony of Scripture is examined under a spiritual magnifying glass with the intent of removing these beautiful ideas, concepts and words from the realm of theological theory and planting them solidly upon the rock of practical, spiritual experience.