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    Volume 2 of Thinking Spiritually presents a strong focus on relationships and community. A new identity through Jesus results in a new life-trajectory and a dramatic overhaul of the here-and-now. We will also explore the specifics of how salvation in Jesus works. Finally, we will give some consideration to what Scripture reveals about the future, final deliverance of God’s people.

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    The Salvation Equation
    What is this thing that Christian's call "salvation"? Who needs it? How does it work? Is it really available to the worst of us? The Bible reveals the salvation equation to be as simple as 1 + 1 = 2! Grace + Faith = Salvation. Now all we need to do is figure out what the real, practical meaning is of these three words: "grace", "faith", "salvation"...

    The Ultimate Sacrifice
    How is Christianity different to all other religions? Why do Christians make such a big deal about the death of Jesus? Is the old gospel story of Jesus of any relevance to those of us living in the 21st century? Everyone enjoys a great hero story! Heroes seem to manifest strength of character, courage and a spirit of sacrifice. They face insane odds and are willing to step up to take the lead when no one else will. They defend the innocent and come to the rescue of the oppressed. It's no wonder that Jesus is regarded by so many people as a real-life hero. He gave His own life as the ultimate sacrifice to save His children from death.

    The Lost Are Found
    What is your picture of God? Is He angry and vengeful? Is He loving and compassionate? How do you picture Him dealing with the erring and wayward? In Luke 15 there are three parables that give amazing insight into how God feels about those who have messed up catastrophically. No matter what you've done or where you've been, you are still His child. His home is still your home. You're of infinite value to the heavenly Father.

    Ready to be Born
    What is baptism really all about? Is baptism essential? How do I know that I am ready for baptism? How and when should I be baptised? What am I committing to when I get baptised? Do I have to join a church when I get baptised? 'Ready to be Born' follows the story of Jesus own baptism and unpacks the significant meaning of baptism in the New Testament.

    Called to Wash Feet
    We live in a world characterised by a 'me-first' culture. We are encouraged to be ambitious and to take what we want. We tend to live in competition with others rather than in cooperation. And when we do cooperate with others, too often it's strategic with an ultimate view to our personal success. Jesus turned this culture on its head. And he did so by way of the strangest illustration. He washed His disciples' feet. What would this mean to us in the 21st century? Where does God call you to humble service? Is there some task that you would find too humiliating to perform in service to some other person? In what practical way is God calling you to 'wash' someone else's feet?

    Love & Submission
    What does true love look like in the context of marriage? What roles should husbands and wives play? Who should lead? What does the Bible really mean when it tells wives to submit to their husbands? How can marriage truly be little piece of heaven on Earth? Hear the tragic story of how Denise believed she was expected to endure horrific abuse at the hands of her partner because Scripture enjoined upon her the responsibility of 'submission'. Discover the hope that the gospel offers to struggling marriages - to imperfect husbands and wives.

    Always Personal; Always Relational
    What is the essence of being a follower of Jesus? Why does the Bible portray sin as being such a bad thing? What is the significance and meaning behind the New Testament's ritual of eating the Lord's Supper? All of life is always personal and always relational. We live before God and with people. We are unavoidably connected vertically and horizontally with a network of relationships. It is in this personal, relational context that both sin and salvation play themselves out. It's the greatest drama known to mankind! And YOU are a key player!

    Cross - Sanctuary - Community
    What does the cross of Jesus have to offer to those who are lonely, struggling with guilt, consumed by fear or wondering why they bother to get up each morning? The good news is that the cross of Jesus isn't simply a historical story. Neither is it simply the ticket to a better tomorrow. It's also about the here-and-now.

    The Relationship Code
    Why do we experience so many broken relationships? Why do we so often have the best intentions toward people but then live out the opposite? Perhaps a fresh look at the Ten Commandments will reveal something profound about God's intentions for all human relationships. Sin thrives as long as our relationship hierarchy is confused and disordered. Correct the relationship hierarchy and the ethics that govern our lives tend to correct themselves. New, healthy patterns will emerge in our day-to-day relationship experiences.

    Identity in Christ; Life in Community
    What is your most difficult relationship? How are you tempted to react when relationships get tough? Do you withdraw? Do you dig your heels in? Do you become combative? How does your sense of identity shape these responses? God has a definite plan for your most challenging relationships. His agenda is always your continuous growth to reflect His character of love more fully. The divine agenda for your salvation is ALWAYS worked out in the real world of interpersonal relationships. God calls every one of us into community. This community of faith is certainly not perfect. Yet it is essential in the divine plan for your life. We are called to live with personal integrity. We are called to create a climate of grace. We are called to act with courageous grace and constructive truth.

    Jesus: For Such a Time As This!
    When will the world finally move beyond Jesus? I mean, aren't Jesus and religion in general irrelevant these days? Aren't we too sophisticated and too scientifically advanced to still 'need' Jesus? Consider the opening words of Revelation chapter 1. You will discover that whether it's experiencing this world's deceptions, the horrors of death, political turmoil, the desire to love and be loved or the hope that our lives will truly matter in the grand scheme of things, Jesus is still very relevant.

    A Time of Deliverance Such As Never Before
    A time of trouble such as never before! The planet is in turmoil. Persecution abounds. Chaos seems like its about to gain the victory. But In the darkest hour deliverance comes. The time of trouble such as never before is swallowed up in the time of deliverance such as never before. We tend to focus only on the "trouble" part of the time of trouble. But there is more! There is hope, deliverance and the promise of miraculous intervention. What makes the time of trouble so bad? What will be happening? What is God up to during that time? What are the righteous doing? What are the enemies of God doing? Are God's people raptured away before the time of trouble? Should we fear the time of trouble? Or is there something deeply positive to anticipate about the time of trouble?