End Time Power Video Library

The New Zealand Youth Conference 2012 was held on the campus of Auckland University of Technology from 9-12 February 2012. It was a Spirit-led and Spirit-empowered event, which resulted in numerous young people making important decisions regarding their personal walk with Jesus. Now you can enjoy some of the messages that were presented over the NZYC weekend.

Thinking Spiritually is a collection of Biblical sermons and teachings that deal with a wide variety of subjects. There is something in this collection for everyone! Each topic is intended to clarify the Bible's teaching and apply the key concepts to practical, everyday life. You will discover who Jesus is and why He is still relevant in this day and age.

In the Beyond Addiction series you will discover how addiction works inside the brain from a scientific perspective. Furthermore, an examination of the various individual drugs is undertaken - both legal and illegal, socially acceptable and socially unacceptable. Most importantly, the Beyond Addiction series devotes a number of episodes to examining various aspects of healing from an overall lifestyle perspective including the physical, social and spiritual aspects.

The Empowered Life is a series of ten Scriptural messages focussing on spiritual growth and development amidst the daily struggles of life. Whether it's low self-esteem, guilt, constant failure, loss of a loved one, or financial struggles, God has made you promises that will bring liberation in each and every situation of bondage that may be draining the joy of life from your experience.

The Portraits of Jesus series takes a close look at who the Bible reveals Jesus to be. You’ll learn about Jesus' humanity and divinity. You'll also discover the answer to one of the biggest questions of all time - how can God be 'love' when there is so much pain and suffering in the world? Furthermore, numerous topics are devoted to understanding what the Bible teaches in regard to sin, salvation, forgiveness and spiritual victory. You'll also discover the good news about what happens at the moment of death.